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Uniqueka Wilson

Founder of Rumini

When I first met up with Jordan I had already began and even launched my business. Unhappy with the lack of progression and desiring some direction on how to effectively move forward, he introduced me to his company Dreamers Nation. 

Every single meeting was filled from start to finish with accurate, and much needed information. He took the time to understand my strengths, weakness, dreams and desires and how that would translate in the business I was building. Meeting with Dreamers Nation enabled me to understand the deep purpose of my company, the person I needed to become in order to successfully carry this vision and the endless possibilities of what it can and will become. 

Because of Dreamers Nation, I was able to rebrand and rebuild the amazing company I have today!!


Jalesa Wallace

Founder of By Dion's Mummy

This realization that I had dreams worth fulfilling and exploring further in life came from the power of God alone. He works hard, and He has worked hard on me and for me. He reconnected Jordan with me years ago, that then seemed like nothing, but years later I knew it had purpose and so did Jordan. Jordan allowed me to see my potential, my worth and then empowered me and my dreams, hobbies & turn them into a larger business idea.

The program was super easy and exciting to be apart of. Weekly, I was uncovering aspects that I never realized before about myself that intersected with my purpose, my dreams & my reality. But importantly the program started with me; who I was, what I loved, didn’t love and what made me, me.  

Since participating in this program, everyday I am business driven. I only see By Dions Mummy and where it can go, where I can go. And without this program, I don’t think I would advance in the ways that I have now. Jordan I thank you immensely for seeing me, so I can also see me, the way God does.



Founder of Kan Kan 

Jordan met with me many times drafting each time a line to follow to achieve my goals. I got motivated by his attitude. He was more passionate about my business than me. He came out with so many good ideas I never thought about.

I had the chance when I started my business to be guided by very experienced and knowledgeable professionals but I never met such an enthusiast, honest, humble, and authentic talented and hard-working professional. He convinced me to work on a book project and offered me the tools to start. His goals were achievable. He drafted a comprehensive plan to work with and checked often on the progress of the different steps.

I wished I had worked with this company as I started my business for the first time more than 10 years ago. Business owners need, as Dreamer Nation helped understand, to set a strong foundation: vision, mission, and values and to have well-planned strategies to achieve their goals. Thank you! Thanks a lot for offering me the push I needed to still believe and work hard to realize my dream. 

Kan Kan

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